Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sugar and Spice, Frogs and Toads

I put the call out tonite for hot tips on handmade birthday gifts. My brain didn't cope with the plethora of suggestions - I don't want to miss any. Library bags, Tote, headbands, hairclips..what else was there?? Anyone else know of some sure fire hits?? Thanks a mucho
PS - Thanks to Judy for my square demo. So patient - you must work with kids or something...

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  1. Cath,

    I've quickly grabbed some links for you

    Head bands

    Hairclips, flowers etc sewing onto hair ties

    Plus this year I have been making pencil rolls for all our 4 yr old kinder parties but you may not have time for that a couple of other quick ideas are

    pillowcase dresses, super quick if you already have a pillow case and there are tonnes of tutes for them around

    Kids apron, lots of tutes for these too

    playdough, super easy super quick and add some cookie cutters and a rolling pin (the rolling pins in the toy part of safeway are cheap, good and wooden)

    have fun