Thursday, February 12, 2009

2nd Session - Thursday February 12, 2009

Second meet up last night. A few of the same from last weeks session and some new faces. It's working out nicely being a weekly get . gets to chat and be involved in what's going on. A few of us were quilting, paper piecing, making softies, crocheting, stamping...Lot's of different skills.
Speaking of stamping, Holly made us all one of her delicate hand carved stamps to take home!

Thanks girls! another Thursday night well spent.
Thanks to Jenny for letting us hire the amitie upstairs space.

Friday, February 6, 2009

1st session -Thursday Feb 5,2009

A small group to kick of the start of what feels like a sweet thing!
There were seven of us and we managed to get some things done amongst the eating and laughing.
I'd discovered a few nights before that there was already a "crafty minx" so I asked you all to come up with a new name. I loved them all! Fi's was the one I chose in the end as I love Perle 8 cotton and it sounded like a 50's soul group!! So I was sold.
It was great to finally meet Michelle, always ace to see Cathy (get back to blogging would ya!) and Holly,Annette and my mate Mindy made it all a great night.

See you next week, justinex