Friday, February 6, 2009

1st session -Thursday Feb 5,2009

A small group to kick of the start of what feels like a sweet thing!
There were seven of us and we managed to get some things done amongst the eating and laughing.
I'd discovered a few nights before that there was already a "crafty minx" so I asked you all to come up with a new name. I loved them all! Fi's was the one I chose in the end as I love Perle 8 cotton and it sounded like a 50's soul group!! So I was sold.
It was great to finally meet Michelle, always ace to see Cathy (get back to blogging would ya!) and Holly,Annette and my mate Mindy made it all a great night.

See you next week, justinex


  1. it was a fantastic night, the blog looks fabo!Cant wait till next week!

  2. i love ufos in session - strange co-incidence that I bought rocket ship fabric at the first very mulder and scully.....